Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 31

Feeling at home in a small space

Trying to fit all of your possessions into a one-room space can be a tall order.

Aug 31

3 tips for decorating the ideal man cave

Make your home manly.

Aug 28

Turning a forgotten basement into a functioning home office

Many homeowners have hundreds of unused square feet in their basements just waiting to be finished and turned into a functional room.

Aug 27

Brighten up a room with a patterned area rug

Whether you rent or own your home, you may find that your white or beige carpet has darkened with age.

Aug 24

Getting dorm rooms ready for a healthy year

It’s back-to-school season.

Aug 23

Updating a mid century pink bathroom

One particularly offensive mid century design that many homeowners are still encountering is the pink bathroom.

Aug 22

How to host a great casual event

Holding a tasteful and entertaining gathering is no easy task.

Aug 21

3 tips for saving energy while running the air conditioning

Virginians know that even though it’s August, the summer heat isn’t likely to back of for a while.

Aug 20

Busy barbecue season? Refresh your patio furniture

Even with the calamitous weather over the last few months, it’s hard not to lament the fact that Fall is coming.

Aug 17

Infuse some freshness into your home with houseplants

Placing a few houseplants in your home is a great way to incorporate a bit of natural beauty into your interior.

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