Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 28

Create a comfortable environment for your pet by reducing household allergens

If your pet scratches excessively it could be because allergens have accumulated in your house, and a trip to the vet as well as some household cleaning may be necessary.

Jun 27

Organic cleaning products are becoming more affordable

Keeping your house clean with green products can be expensive but you can cut these costs with routine professional maintenance from companies that use eco-friendly techniques. 

Jun 26

How to manage lingering odors in household fabrics

Pet and tobacco odors are two of the most stubborn odors can be difficult to manage without the help of professional cleaning companies. 

Jun 26

Only you can prevent dryer fires!

Dryers are the cause for 15,000 house fires each year, but they can be prevented if you are aware of the warning signs and have your vents cleaned routinely. 

Jun 21

Virginia Beach sand restoration is a delight for beach goers

Nourishment projects off Virginia’s coast will extend the beach 40- 50 feet by restoring eroded dunes with new sand. 

Jun 20

Why does the government care about cleaning products?

Practicing green cleaning methods can help make your home a healthier place to live. 

Jun 12

Control mold in your house, even if you plan on moving

Checking for mold throughout your property is one of the most important things you can do before you list it on the market.

Jun 12

Keep pollen out of your home during prolonged allergy seasons

Keeping your house cleaner will reduce your irritation during allergy season. 

Jun 10

Understanding air duct cleaning

Failure to have your air ducts professionally cleaned can make you and your family members sick.