Monthly Archive: July 2013

Jul 21

After flash floods residents of Roanoke are busy repairing water damage in their homes

It is difficult to prepare for unpredictable weather, like flash flooding, but one way to help combat household damages is to have a trusted professional repair services on hand in case your home is in the path of destruction. 

Jul 21

Bad odors are a turn-off to buyers

Professional house cleaning services may help reduce odors in your home which can increase its appeal to buyers when it is on the market.

Jul 21

The most common asthma triggers may be living in your home

Keeping your house clean can reduce indoor asthma triggers and soothe your symptoms.

Jul 18

Simple tricks for difficult carpet stains

Different types of stains require unique treatments but sometimes the best way to clean you carpeting is to hire a professional. 

Jul 17

Why you should get your carpets professionally cleaned

Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service when vacuuming your rugs is not enough to keep them clean.

Jul 17

Colorado’s attorney general files a lawsuit against shady air duct cleaning company

An air duct cleaning company in Colorado has to answer to the legal system after providing dishonest and sub-par services to customers. This incident demonstrates how important it is for consumers to seek out accredited organizations.

Jul 17

The Obama administration seeks reduction in America’s carbon footprint

The government is taking steps to reduce carbon waste and encouraging citizens to do the same by using energy efficient methods at home.