Monthly Archive: August 2013

Aug 27

The secret to fast-selling properties

Cleaning, decluttering and staging your home can help you sell it quickly and for more money. 

Aug 27

Prepare your home for Labor Day guests

Ensure your house looks and stays presentable during this year’s Labor Day festivities, by hiring professionals to clean your home. 

Aug 23

Potted plants reduce air pollutants in your home

Studies show that potted plants absorb pollutants and improve indoor air quality. 

Aug 22

A new study is changing what we know about tropical storms

The brown ocean effect will change the way that weather men predict dangerous tropical storms. 

Aug 22

Early signs of ragweed have kick started this fall’s allergy season

The fall allergy season has started early this year but they can be maintained with medication and routine house cleaning. 

Aug 20

Uncovering germ-carrying kitchen appliances

A study from the NSF identifies which kitchen appliances carry the most bacteria. 

Aug 19

Back to school cleaning

Keep your kids healthy at school by promoting healthy habits like cleaning. exercising and sleeping.