Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 13

Pennsylvania schools spend over $300,000 on mold cleanup

For students and faculty of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s Farmersville Elementary School and East Hills Middle School, school got off to a slightly late start this year thanks to an enormous mold infestation found in dozens of classrooms.

Sep 13

Living green with VClean

One of the biggest obstacles facing homeowners is that many flat out don’t know how much energy they’re using and where that consumption is occurring.

Sep 13

North Carolina school district treats mold problem with organic cleaning products

Up to 40 North Carolina school buses were discovered to be rife with mold spores on the first day of school.

Sep 13

Hurricane Sandy’s legacy of mold

While the rain has stopped and the flood waters have receded, the proof of Hurricane Sandy remains in the thousands of buildings infested with tremendous amounts of mold growth.

Sep 05

Dealing with fall allergies

Dr. Pramod Kelker, an allergist from Allina Medical Clinic, spoke with My FOX 9 about the coming allergy season and identified some of the key hallmarks that sufferers should make a note of.

Sep 04

How often should you clean your air ducts?

Air duct cleaning is one of the most cost-effective and immediately noticeably measures you can take to both improve the cleanliness of your home and also bring down those expensive utility bills.

Sep 04

Ensure your home is cleaned before moving out

If you’re too preoccupied with packing and moving to pay any thought to cleaning, hire a professional service to worry about it for you.