Monthly Archive: November 2013

Nov 26

Nasal allergies linked to migraines

According to a new study, allergies may increase the occurrence and severity of migraine headaches.

Nov 20

Keeping pet dander under control at home

While no one enjoys being overcome with a fit of sniffing and sneezing due to excess pollen, there is something about pet allergies that packs a particularly emotional punch.

Nov 19

Mold resurfaces in Takoma Park, Maryland, school

Just days after parents were told the outbreak was under control, mold in Rolling Terrace has resurfaced yet again.

Nov 18

Air duct cleaning is key to healthy breathing at home

Having an air duct cleaning done is one of the best investments you can make, as it can remove a ton of dust, dirt, hair, mold and pet dander accumulating in your home’s airways – contaminants that you could otherwise be breathing in!

Nov 16

Controlling moisture buildup at home

There are measures you can take to prevent moisture buildup and mold growth from happening in your home.

Nov 14

More allergen hotspots around the house

Knowing where to find allergens is integral to getting rid of them and keeping an allergy-free home.

Nov 13

Where to find household allergens

In order to properly treat your home for allergies, it’s essential to know where these allergens gather and how best to get rid of them.

Nov 13

Guidelines for dealing with mold

If your house is already afflicted with mold, though, then there are a handful of simple guidelines you can follow to ensure a clean, mold-free home.

Nov 04

Preventing allergic asthma

Three-quarters of asthmatics also have allergies, a condition most commonly referred to as allergic asthma.

Nov 04

More tips for dealing with indoor allergies

Allergy season means searching feverishly for easy-to-follow tips about how to avoid or fight against allergies.

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