Jan 13

Eliminate allergies with home cleaning

If you've been sniffling and sneezing this winter, the culprit may be indoor allergies. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) reports that 50 million Americans are born with this condition.

Instead of suffering through the winter, there are some tips you can adhere to to ease symptoms. Although prescription medicine and over-the-counter options can both make you drowsy, eliminating the source of the allergy will combat the problem. Take a look at some helpful suggestions below.

  • Carpet cleaning: "Dust mites are one of the main indoor pest allergens, they can usually be controlled by vacuuming carpets, washing hard surfaces, reducing air infiltration into the home and lowering the humidity level," writes LivingGreenMag.com. "If you have visible pests indoors such as insects or mice, there are many safe, green and non-toxic ways eliminate the problem."
  • Climate control: If your home is too humid it can prompt the breeding of dust mites and mold. However, if it's too dry, winter allergies can also flair up. The key is to maintain a home temperature of 68-70 degrees to minimize mold growth. You may also want to think about cleaning out your air duct to limit your heating system of any impurities.

If you suffer from indoor/outdoor allergies, don't just accept your symptoms when you can actively try to eliminate allergens in your home. Our environmentally friendly cleaners can rid your home of allergy triggers ranging from pet dander, dust mites, mold or mildew. Contact VClean for a consultation and start the new year off in a healthy way!