Green Cleaning

green-cleaningAt VClean, we know that our customers prefer green cleaning. After all, eco-friendly cleaners not only promote human health—they protect the environment in the process. With this in mind, we only use green cleaning solutions in all of our services, from air duct cleaning to carpet cleaning to water damage remediation.

Further, all of the products and chemicals used in our procedures are pet-friendly, kid-friendly and environmentally friendly, meaning we’re one of the top green cleaning companies in our area.

VClean, using green equipment to get the job done
At VClean, we utilize portable cleaning equipment instead of traditional truck-mounted systems – a small change that has a sizable impact. With truck-mounted systems, cleaning technicians need to keep their cars running throughout the service, and since that requires cords 200 to 300 feet long, additional power is needed to operate the machinery.

By comparison, our portable green home cleaning tools use less power and fuel by taking advantage of the electrical power from the home. This switch costs homeowners just 10 cents for three hours of cleaning, adding to the many long-term advantages of working with VClean.

Avoid VOC cleaning products with VClean
As a concerned homeowner, you may have heard about volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the harmful emissions produced by a wide array of products including cleaning supplies, building materials, office equipment and more. Studies have shown that high levels of these chemicals can lead to serious health effects, such as skin irritation, nose and throat issues, nausea and dizziness.

Why put your family at risk? At VClean, we don’t use any VOCs as part of our green home cleaning services.

For true green cleaning, contact VClean today
When you need your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C. home to look its brightest, smell its best and be its healthiest, call VClean at 240-841-7100 or contact us through our online form today. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business, thanks to our efforts to provide increased customer satisfaction by cleansing air ducts, beautifying carpets and using green cleaning solutions to provide better results.