Jan 13

Mold found in Florida elementary school

In addition to the common cold, students from Loughman Elementary School in Davenport, Florida, may be out sick because of mold allergies, according to local news source Baynews9.com. 

Numerous rooms inside of the school have been evacuated after harmful mold was discovered inside of them. Back in October, teachers complained of breathing troubles and other upper-respiratory illnesses. A recent air quality assessment revealed that mold was found underneath desks and inside other areas of the classrooms, particularly the Kindergarten wing of the school.

Two types of molds found in the rooms—Aspergillus and Curvulrai—are often found in warm climates and can cause sinus infections and other breathing problems.

"It worries me because [my daughter] does have allergies and I don't know if it's stemming from school or home or outside. She's always getting ear infections, sneezing. She gets sick a lot," Robin Sylvester, parent of an 11-year old child who attends the school, told the source. 

Students who normally attend classes in the moldy rooms have been moved to other areas of the school until the classrooms are professionally cleaned.

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