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Air Duct Cleaning

  A home is a crucial investment, one that when properly maintained can help every American save for retirement, put money toward their child’s education or otherwise afford major purchases following a sale. That’s why many Americans invest in beneficial services such as air duct cleaning that can help them ensure the health and wellness …

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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

  Homeowners in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia take pride in their homes, that’s why many turn to beneficial services like affordable carpet cleaning. By investing in the services of reputable providers that use the best carpet cleaning methods, these homeowners are able to increase the aesthetics of their home while preserving its value. At VClean …

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Kitchen Cleaning

While certain areas of the house like bathrooms and basements are known to need periodic cleaning, many Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware residents forget that their kitchens occasionally need professional treatment. Even the tidiest and most organized kitchens when left dirty can become breeding grounds for food-borne bacteria. Worse still, overly damp kitchens can attract …

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Mold Damage

  The costs of home mold removal can quickly escalate. For example, while some estimates place the average cost for a remediation in a crawl space at between $500 and $4,000, when water damage is also present, your total costs could quickly spiral to tens of thousands of dollars. While these figures represent worst-case scenarios, …

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Tile, Grout, and Bath

While dirty grout can be an unsightly blight on any bathroom, it can have more harmful health effects if not cleaned by a team of experienced professionals. For example, health and wellness experts indicate that microbes, dirt, grease and mold buildup in these areas can lead to decreased air quality and foul smells, and even irritate asthma and …

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Water Damage

  While water is relatively harmless when it is kept in the proper areas inside a home, it can wreak havoc in the event of a natural disaster or unexpected accident like pipe burst or leak. According Claims Journal, an insurance industry publication, water was the cause of more than $9 billion in annual property …

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