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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

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Homeowners in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia take pride in their homes, that’s why many turn to beneficial services like affordable carpet cleaning. By investing in the services of reputable providers that use the best carpet cleaning methods, these homeowners are able to increase the aesthetics of their home while preserving its value. At VClean we specialize in helping homeowners maintain their properties and ensure their health and wellness in the process, whether it means treating soiled carpet or restoring stained carpeting and upholstery to their full beauty. What are the benefits of VClean’s carpet and upholstery cleaning? At VClean, we offer a number of routine services to homeowners in our area. This includes processes like pet odor removal, color brightener, carpet sanitization, wall-to-wall carpet cleaning and Oriental rug cleaning. Further, we use a process called hot water extraction that cleans thoroughly and is recommended by most major carpet manufacturers. By cleaning these surfaces regularly, you can reduce the presence of dust mites, mold and airborne irritants in your home that may contribute to asthma or allergy symptoms. Choose VClean for tough carpet and upholstery jobs At VClean, we know that situations may arise when more than just a simple carpet cleaning is needed. In the event of basement water damage or instances where home mold removal is necessary, for example, our experienced team of professional cleaning agents can perform essential services. These include two-step corrective cleaning, beneficial for heavily soiled carpets in long-vacant or otherwise neglected homes, and heavy-duty pre-treatment. Contact VClean today Searching for high-quality Washington D.C., Maryland or Virginia carpet cleaning, but worried about the cost? At VClean, we’re known for our great deals and specials that combine our services for maximum value. To receive an estimate or discuss the terms of your service, call 1-888-787-3088 today for more information.

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D.C. Carpet Cleaning

In recent years, due to the fluctuations in the economy, many Washington, D.C. residents have been looking for cost-effective ways to extend the life of their carpeting as a total replacement may prove too much for their budgets. But, while area homeowners can save money by tackling these tasks themselves, many times the results of …

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maryland carpet

Maryland Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to ensuring that a home is fit for new guests, family gatherings and the general day-to-day enjoyment of its inhabitants, many homeowners in the Maryland area look to tackle cleaning projects on their own. For example, some homeowners go through the hassle of renting cleaning machines, purchasing cleaning powders and shampoos and …

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virginia carpet

Virginia Carpet Cleaning

The first thing many guests and visitors notice when they enter a home is the quality of the flooring. That’s why to set the right impression for hosted events and holiday gatherings, homeowners often go to lengths to ensure that their carpet is spotless. However, the process of keeping a carpet in mint condition can …

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