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Kitchen Cleaning

kitchenWhile certain areas of the house like bathrooms and basements are known to need periodic cleaning, many Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware residents forget that their kitchens occasionally need professional treatment. Even the tidiest and most organized kitchens when left dirty can become breeding grounds for food-borne bacteria.

Worse still, overly damp kitchens can attract pests looking for food and water. If your kitchen has fallen into a state of disrepair, or you simply want to ensure this room sparkles like new, contact the experts at VClean today. We specialize in helping our local customers by providing green home cleaning solutions.

Why choose VClean

At VClean, we use industrial-grade vapor steam cleaners and green home cleaners to sanitize, clean and deodorize kitchens, thus removing germs, viruses and other potential health hazards in the process. Further, we provide our services to every area of the kitchen, including microwaves, mirrors and floor surfaces for a total clean that leaves no spot untouched.

Better yet, you can arrange for our services as a one-time cleaning or set up regular appointments so that your home continues to look sparkling new.

An overview of our services

At VClean, our green home cleaning service representatives can come to your home to:

• Clean and degrease ovens, stoves, floors, walls and ceilings

• Clean fridges and freezers, removing mold and mildew in the process

• Clean hood vent filters

• Degrease deep fryers

• Disinfect cutting boards and countertop surfaces

• Restore floor drain covers

• Unclog drains.

Contact VClean today

Interested in taking advantage of our great kitchen cleaning services and environmentally friendly cleaning methods? Don’t wait. Whether you’re living in northern Virginia, Baltimore County or Washington, D.C., call 1-888-787-3088 today. Our representatives can alert you to any available deals that could further reduce our already low prices.