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Water Damage

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While water is relatively harmless when it is kept in the proper areas inside a home, it can wreak havoc in the event of a natural disaster or unexpected accident like pipe burst or leak. According Claims Journal, an insurance industry publication, water was the cause of more than $9 billion in annual property losses from 2007 to 2009, and named in roughly one of out every four property loss cases.

As a result, homeowners in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia can benefit from knowing where to turn if and when their property is affected. At VClean, we specialize in providing residential and commercial disaster recovery and restoration services as well as guaranteed workmanship to these residents.

Get emergency flood damage restoration from VClean

When storm or flood water enters your home, you need to act fast in order to stop further financial loss and health hazards. For example, certain types of floodwater can turn into cesspools of bacteria in as little as 48 hours. In these cases, black water, the kind from ponds, lakes and oceans, and grey water, which originates from broken dishwashers or other consumer appliances, needs to be removed, and the affected area requires immediate treatment from professionals.

In addition, we provide the following benefits, services and equipment:

• Air Movers

• Antimicrobials

• Category 1-3

• Complete file to adjuster

• Daily monitoring

• Dehumidifiers

• Fast Response


​• Moisture Detection

• S-500 Protocol

• Tile/Grout Cleaning (Cat 1)

• Top Down (Cat1).

Start your cleanup with VClean

Whether your home is suffering from basement water damage or a much more comprehensive concern, our professionals can help you through a variety of beneficial services. At VClean, our friendly, customer-focused representatives can:

• Eliminate moisture from a home

• Extract water from flooded basements

• Perform free inspections

• Remove wet carpets

• Treat residential, commercial and institutional facilities.

If your home is experiencing water damage, don’t wait. At VClean, we can respond quickly and effectively to remedy water damage in your Virginia,  Maryland or Washington, D.C. home. We even offer an emergency call number, 1-888-787-3088, that you can use to reach us any time a disaster strikes your home.